Dedicated Couriers
Need a driver for a day or a week? U S Courier can provide you with an exclusive driver(s) for all your dedicated delivery solutions. From pallets that require a bob tail to smaller boxes or packages, we have the right size vehicle for you. Call us today for a price quote.
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Experience the Difference!
"U S Courier is committed to provide time critical transportation solutions to exceed our customers expectations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer a variety of services for your Same Day Courier, Trucking and Overnight delivery needs."
Need drivers for a scheduled route? We can help! US Courier has qualified drivers to cover multiple stops on a daily scheduled basis. Call US Courier to schedule your morning, afternoon and evening routes.
Onsite Shipment Coordinator:
Based upon your requirements, US Courier will manage your delivery needs with an Onsite Coordinator. US Courier will supply the Onsite Coordinator with a centralizing terminal for your delivery demands. The Onsite Coordinator will interact with your employees to keep them updated by monitoring your deliveries to it's final destination. US Courier also offers customized billing to code all costs which may include a requested reference for billing. This intern will cut your overhead costs. Call US Courier for more information.
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